The Lifestyle People has been evolving since 1996 and continues to revolutionise how health and wealth planning are delivered to the community. A co-ordinated approach to Lifestyle Planning by an extensive team of specialist experts has never been done before.

Some of our thoughts:

Life Insurance is a financial product, but it is very much about health and we believe it should not just be ‘sold’ in isolation as a ‘product sale’ for commission.

Budgets are financial, but can cause stress, health problems and relationship breakdown if not managed properly.

Good Nutrition, Exercise, Sport, Massage and Holidays are all good for health, but they cost money!

A job is financial, but the wrong job can cause health and financial issues, so proper career planning is essential.

It makes sense to bring all areas of health and wealth planning together, rather than each area being addressed in isolation. It’s cost efficient, saves time and obviously creates a far more effective Lifestyle Plan.

Our ‘Social Licence to Operate’ at The Lifestyle People is to make a worthwhile difference in the community, whether it be helping people who are doing well financially but have too much stress and no Plan, working with business people who feel alone with their challenges or families who are juggling many things at once, education programmes for schools and community groups, worthy causes or engagement with government, councils & developers to create happier, healthier urban environments.

We like to create excitement and enthusiasm in people, by helping them to put together a great Plan to take control of their future and that of their families, careers and businesses.


 Gary Reeve

Has a Bachelor of Business degree, Diploma of Financial Services, Certificate IV in Financial Planning & extensive financial and personal development qualifications.

Was awarded ING South Australian Financial Adviser of the Year in 2002.

A member of the Australian Property Institute and the Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association.